About Us

Adrienne & Palle Olsen have been involved in plants, landscaping and revegetation for a few decades now. Through the years they have developed an increasing interest in the restoration of unproductive land, bringing it back to its former glory in wetlands, scrublands or forests.

Korimako Habitats is known to be innovative in finding solutions for our clients, and you can be confident that you will receive the highest degree of service and integrity from us - everytime. As a family business with years of experience and a lot of common sense, we are here to help you achieve the best outcome at the lowest cost. We are a friendly, easy going company that gets the job done!

Adrienne & Palle have a particular passion for the estuaries of the Rodney District, which have, over the last 150 years of farming, become clogged with mud - soil that has eroded from the grasslands into the waterways and eventually made its way into the estuaries. We can reverse this by restoring unproductive and inappropriate grasslands back into bush. Protecting stream edges and wetlands from being eroded or damaged by stock is also paramount.

Korimako Habitats has a wealth of experience to offer you and we would be delighted to assist you in taking Rodney and the greater Auckland area one step closer to creating a fantastic living environment for people, plants and animals.

We offer a FREE consultation service, so contact us and we can go from there.

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